Megacable, a responsible company


Provide entertainment, telecommunications, logistics, business and residential solutions that exceed customer expectations.


To be the best telecommunications company in Mexico.


  • Honesty
  • Work commitment
  • Service attitude
  • Respect for the individual
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Loyalty

Code of Ethics

In 2019, we began updating our Code of Ethics, which is applicable to collaborators and suppliers; it governs the conduct within and without the Company and includes the commitment that we, as an organization and as individuals, must maintain with third parties, be they suppliers, customers, society or government. Likewise, we have a number of policies related to non-discrimination, conflict of interest, anti-corruption, gender equity, and inclusion, among other matters that establish the guidelines by which the Company is governed.

Additionally, we have a Purchase Committee, which is comprised of the Director of Administration and Finance, the Purchase Corporate Manager, and the Internal Audit Corporate Manager. This body was created to ensure that all procurement processes are carried out by means of a fair and transparent tender, and under the same conditions for each participant, thereby obtaining the best results for the Company in terms of price, quality and service.

Quality Policy

To provide convergent video, voice and data services that exceed customer expectations through the use of state-of-the-art technology. To permanently seek the development of human talent and the implementation of a culture of continuous improvement.

Anti-corruption Culture

We continuously promote among our collaborators behavior and culture based on the highest ethical standards, as well as full compliance with applicable laws such as the National Anti-Corruption System. As part of these efforts, in 2019 we finalized the development of our Anti-Corruption Policy, thereby reinforcing and formalizing our policies and values. In addition, we have an anonymous complaint channel for reporting via e-mail any violation or breach of the Company’s values; these are addressed and resolved jointly by the General Management, Human Resources and Internal Audit areas.

Social Responsibility

At Megacable, we seek to positively impact the quality of life of our employees and their families. This, together with our training programs, has helped us to become a more competitive company and to extend the permanence of our collaborators in the Company.

With this in mind we offer them various benefits grouped as follows:

We seek to positively impact the quality of life of our employees and their families.

Quality of Life

  • Ongoing training and certification programs through agreements with major companies in our industry as well as with educational institutions
  • “Shared Responsibility” program with INFONAVIT which helps employees who have a loan from the Institute to reduce their debt.
  • Various employee development programs, not only for professional development, but also for personal development.
  • Catalog of Benefits with more than 145 current agreements that offer discounts for hotels, educational services, food, health, fashion, sports, entertainment, and transportation, among other services.
  • Events, gatherings and competitions (Mother’s and Father’s Day; tickets for different events, etc.).
  • Harmonization of spaces aimed at having better, more user-friendly facilities.
  • Entertainment tournaments (football, bowling, basketball, baseball, etc.).
  • Deployment of ATMs at offices nationwide.

Health and Safety

  • Joint campaign with PREVENIMSS, including visits to our offices and work centers to apply vaccines, conduct diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol studies, and monitor weight, among other activities.
  • Visual health campaigns.
  • Blood donation drives.
  • Campaigns against various diseases, such as dengue.
  • Water filters at all our facilities with constant monitoring to ensure that there is no contamination of the resource.
  • Promotion of sports for employees and their children through the organization of events, sports courses and cross-corporate tournaments.
  • Continuous communication program on safety issues.

We are a company that values the effort, good actions and professionalism of its collaborators. For this reason we award recognitions for good performance and seniority.

We systematically hold informative meetings for the staff as well as video communications with important corporate news and messages.

The Environment

Megacable is also concerned with the care of natural resources and fosters the conservation of the environment. To this end, we carry out several annual and permanent campaigns, which include:

  • Paper collection and recycling campaign in partnership with recycling companies.
  • “Life Without Plastic” campaign, through which Megacable says goodbye to single-use plastic, eliminating the use of bottles of this material, while encouraging employees to use metal or polycarbonate containers.
  • The “United Against Cancer” campaign, which consists of collecting and selling PET bottle caps of containers found in offices. The proceeds are used entirely to benefit children with cancer.
  • Campaign for the sustainable disposal of batteries; these are collected and sent to a hazardous waste management company in order to reduce the impact and risk associated with them.